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Freedom 251 Online Booking with Cash on Delivery Option at www.freedom251.com

Freedom 251 Online Booking with Cash on Delivery Option at www.freedom251.com:

Freedom 251 Cash On Delivery & Phase II Booking

Ringing Bells is constantly coming up with exciting and encouraging news for the interested and registered customers. Just a few days ago, it launched world’s cheapest smartphone with great android features which triggered unbelievable response form the customers. The site even crashed due to heavy traffic load of 6lakh hits per second. Phase I booking was closed on 21st February and Ringing Bells have registered approximately 7 crore bookings in that phase.

Great news for the first 25 lakh customers is that the manufacturer is going to take cash on delivery for them. So, the first 25 lakh registered customers will get the facility to get freedom 251 cash on delivery option. Ringing Bells announced this news on 25th February as there have been confusion regarding the online payment method and people are feeling insecure about the online system.

Freedom 251 Buy Online Now

Only 50 lakh copies will be sold in the first phase. So, 50% customers will get cash on delivery service for phase I which is a fantastic news. However, delivery charge will be 40/-RS. So, the total price of the phone including the charges will be 291/-RS which is still quite affordable for such a great smartphone.

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Payment

After the announcement of cash on delivery, there is assurance among people about the delivery of the phones. Earlier, they were in confusion as to whether the phone will reach their place. Moreover, people were hesitating and feeling insecure to pay early. With the fresh announcement, all the confusion is removed and customers are feeling safe and sure.

​Freedom 251 Update Now Comes With Cash On Delivery

The main aim behind launching the Freedom 251 was to bring all the citizens of India in the touch of technology and equip them digitally with an affordable smart phone. This smart phone, priced at Rs. 251 can be afforded by any person from both cities and villages. The smart phone will be digitally equipped with all latest technologies and updates and will provide a premiere smart phone using experience even to the poor. This launch of the Freedom 251 supports the made in India plan and aims to help make India, Digital India.


  • Name of the organization: Ringing Bells
  • Name of the phone: Freedom 251
  • Phase 1: Closed on 21st February
  • Total orders placed: Over 7 crores
  • Orders to be delivered: For the first 50 lakh
  • Cash on delivery system: For the first 25 lakh customers
  • Delivery starting date: From April
  • Delivery charge: 40/-RS
  • Date for Freedom 251 Phase Two Booking: As soon as the first phase delivery ends
  • Website: www.freedom251.com

Freedom 251 Phase II Booking Start

Order for the phase 1 has been closed on 21st February. Those who were unable to book in the first phase are greatly upset. They should not be very disappointed because freedom 251 phase 2 booking is going to start very soon. So, those who were unable to register order, your opportunity is coming to get your experience of the brand new phone launched by Ringing Bells. Freedom 251 Phase II bookingwill start after all the orders of the earlier phase are delivered which might take time till December. So, we can expect next phase to start by then.

The manufacturer has received huge amount of orders for the first phase. So, it is focusing on to manufacture the required amount of phones to meet the demand of phase I. After that, it will announce booking for the next phase.

Freedom 251 Phase 2 Booking Date

This phone has already got millions of subscriptions and the company is unable to take any further orders. It has decided to stop the sell for now and again start it in the next phase. The company is now working on the orders placed. It might take maximum of 4 months to ship the orders. Apart from the first 25 lakh customers, other buyers will have to complete payment through net banking/debit card. After online payment, email confirmation should reach within 48 hours.

Official Website: www.freedom251.com

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    Sir/Maadam, we booked Freedom251 when the add came that time itself. but we did not received any SMS from your side. but I heard people who booked online they are getting itseems. Is it true? If it is true when I will get the phone?

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